As the song says “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. Wherever you go you can feel the Christmas spirit with the lights, Christmas decorations and Christmas movies at the cinema…Christmas is a beautiful and magical time of year and, of course, it is also very present at school. 

Our students are really excited about preparing the Christmas songs for the show, which will take place before the Christmas holidays. They are learning different Christmas Carols, either in Spanish and English. But Christmas is not only a good time for the students to enjoy themselves, learning about cultural facts and improving their English speaking skills through songs. The Art subject also offers us a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience this lovely time of the year through the creation of Christmas crafts. There is no time of year that’s better for working on a fun project than Christmas, is there? Whether it’s a gift for someone or a decoration, it’s fun to create at Christmas. 

Making their own crafts has many benefits for students. For example, it improves their coordination and fine motor skills, it makes them more creative and productive and also teaches kids to follow instructions. Last, but not least, pupils love making crafts and the fact that they get to take them home and show their creations to their family is something they really enjoy. Parents usually praise them, which has a positive reinforcement for students.

There are many great things that children can do around Christmas. In Art, we have chosen to make crafts that children can hang on their Christmas trees as well as cards for their family.
Here you can see some examples of our students’ artwork:

Merry Christmas to all.

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