Who was Leonardo Da Vinci?

This month in Year 3 they are learning about Leonardo Da Vinci in their art lessons. Through one of his most famous portraits, Mona Lisa, our students know him a little bit better.

And…who was Leonardo Da Vinci?

Leonardo was born in 1452 in Italy. He was a painter, sculptor, architect, writer, musician, inventor… in other words, one of the most important artist of the Italian Renaissance. At age 17, he went to become an apprentice of painting under another artist in Florence. Then he had his own studio. After he was offered a court job by the Duke of Milan. Finally he went to Milan to accompany the king of France. He died in 1519.

Watching this short video in class has given the children an idea of how important he was.


Our students had to create their own version of Mona Lisa´s painting. It was difficult for them to reproduce the mysterious look and smile. They have used coloured pencils to carry out this task. Some of them were so fascinated with the painting and the story around the woman that  they were also planning a trip to visit the Louvre. Others wanted to travel back in time for a while to meet Leonardo and Mona Lisa. Here you can see some of the work created by our students.


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septiembre 2022